Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms of Trade

Total amount due must be paid in full by 20th of the month following the invoice date.

Interest may be charged on any amount that is outstanding after the 20th of the month following the invoice date.

The debtor shall be liable for all collection agency costs and any fees that are incurred in the recovery of such a debt.

All parts remain the property of Footloose Enterprises until paid in full.

Retention of Title Document

In order to ensure we comply with the Personal Property Securities Act, please sign below in acceptance of the following Retention of Title Clause relating to your purchases from us:

Retention of Title:

Ownership in goods shall not pass upon delivery but shall remain with the vendor until full payment in cleared funds of all monies owing by the customer to the vendor have been received.

The customer acknowledges that the effect of this retention of title is that the customer grants a security interest in goods supplied and any proceeds from such goods. The vendor may register a financing statement in its favour under the Personal Property Securities Act 1999.

If the customer has not made payment for any goods on time, the vendor may repossess and sell such goods and any products manufactured from such goods in order to satisfy any outstanding liability.

Credit CheckA credit check may be carried out by E C Credit Control.